PBL Teacher Training Institute – $7,500

Curricular Area: Across Subjects
Grant Focus: Professional Development
Schools: Whitson Elementary, W&P Stevenson Intermediate, Henkle Middle School, Columbia High School
Items Purchased: Teacher training for Project Based Learning

This grant sends three teams of five teachers consisting of staff members from each of the four schools to a foundational workshop for Project Based Learning.

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Sources of Strength – $5,000

Curricular Area: Social Emotional Learning
Grant Focus: At-risk
Schools: Columbia High School, White Salmon Academy
Items Purchased: Curriculum, Training and Support

Sources of Strength (SOS)  is a comprehensive wellness program focusing on the prevention of suicide, violence, and substance abuse in schools and their communities.

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Inventing with LittleBits – $2,152

Curricular Area: STEM
Grant Focus: Equipment
Schools: Whitson Elementary School, Wally & Priscilla Stevenson Intermediate School, Henkle Middle School
Items Purchased: Workshop Sets of littleBits

Using littleBits, students prototype and build endless engineered inventions, exercising their logical and critical thinking skills while learning about electronics.

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Media Arts Project – $5,355

Curricular Area: Arts; Career & Technical Education
Grant Focus: Technology
Schools: Henkle Middle School, Columbia High School
Items Purchased: iPad Pro Kits and accessories

The aim of this grant is to facilitate a 7-12th Media Arts Pilot Program, with the long-term goal of a sustainable Career and Technical Education program in Film and Media Arts.

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Multimedia System Solution – $7,494

Curricular Area: Positive social behavior
Grant Focus: Equipment
Schools: W&P Stevenson Intermediate, Henkle Middle School
Items Purchased: Projector, installation, and miscellaneous hardware

The Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) committee at WPSIS and HMS is tasked with leading powerful assemblies to teach and inspire the whole school community about respect, responsibility, and perseverance.

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CHS Robotics Takes Flight - $4,200

Curricular Area: STEM; Career & Technical Education
Grant Focus: Equipment; Curriculum
Schools: Columbia High School​​​​​​​
Items Purchased:  10 Quadcopter kits; technology and flight lessons, curriculum development

This grant funds a nine-week unit on unmanned aerial vehicles (or "drones") to be implemented in the introductory robotics class at CHS.

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4th Grade Engineering Pilot - $6,380

Curricular Area: STEM
Grant Focus: Curriculum
Schools: W&P Stevenson Intermediate​​​​​​​
Items Purchased:  Engineering is Elementary curriculum (3 units for 4 classrooms); professional development

This grant is aimed at promoting high-quality and rigorous instruction to integrate engineering concepts into math and science lessons through hands-on learning. 

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Virtual Expeditions @ CHS – $7,668

Curricular Area: Across Subjects
Grant Focus: Experiences; Technology
Schools: Columbia High School
Items Purchased: a class set of 30 virtual reality goggles, 30 phones, and 1 “Guide” (teacher) tablet

Google has launched an educational experience called Google Expeditions—field trips that are teacher-lead through 360° virtual reality tours of over 1000 locations, colleges, and careers. 

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Drumming & Creativity – $2,685

Curricular Area: Arts
Grant Focus: Professional Development, Equipment
Schools: W&P Stevenson Intermediate, Henkle Middle School
Items Purchased: Tuition for "The Art of Improvisation", 10 Remo Drums

This grant enabled the Intermediate and Middle School music teacher to attend a week-long, summer professional development program, "The Art of Improvisation", and the purchase of 10 Remo hand drums (adding to the 6 already owned by the school). 

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HMS Cameras Please - $4,767

Curricular Area: Arts
Grant Focus: Equipment
Schools: Henkle Middle School
Items Purchased: 6 Nikon D3300 DSLR Cameras, 1 Nikon 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR AF-S DX Nikkor Zoom Lens, 2 Ipad Air 2 128G, iMovie app, 7 SD memory cards (32G), lens caps protectors, 6 camera bags, 2 pPad protective cases, 2 Nikon extra batteries, camera protection plans (3 years)

At the time the grant was submitted, there was one very old camera shared between the Tech Guru and the Yearbook elective classes (80 students annually).

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