Learning is for life...


When you donate to the Foundation, you’re not only enriching a local child’s education today, you’re helping support the White Salmon Valley schools of tomorrow.


Giving to Schools

Each year the WSVEF directly awards at least $40k to our local schools.  We work in a collaborative partnership with the District to fund grant applications from administrators, teachers, students, and community members to enrich curriculum, supply 21st century materials and tools, and provide professional development for staff. 
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Accessing Outside Funds

A small portion of the foundation’s budget is used to retain a professional grant writer who facilitates grant applications from our schools to outside organizations. This service has brought in more than  $2.8 M to our District, and has a roughly 50-to-1 return on investment! Your monies are multiplied many times over!   
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Investing in the Future

At least 25% of every donation goes into a professionally managed endowment fund designed to support our schools long into the future with investment gains.  And as the fund grows, it unlocks additional granting and funding opportunities.
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The WSVEF invites  you — families, donors, volunteers, teachers, business and school leaders  — to join us in providing our local community of kids with a world of opportunity. Together, we are expanding opportunities for the youth of White Salmon to have access to the best resources available, and give them the tools they need to succeed in our 21st century world.


About Recent Grants:

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