Accessing Outside Funds

WSVEF retains a professional grant writer who facilitates grant applications from our schools to outside organizations. This service has brought in over $2.8M to our District!

Here are some of the highlights:

A-List Adventure After School Program - $2,119,000   

The program is made possible by 21st Century Learning Centers, a federally funded program through the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and provides academic intervention, enrichment, hands on learning, health classes, physical activity, art, field trips, financial literacy, and more to at-risk and struggling 1st through 8th graders in the White Salmon Valley School District.

Securing this grant is a huge relief because we will be able to continue to offer an after school program that has benefited so many of our students. The District would have had to downsize what we offer for after-school programming by two-thirds.
— District Superintendent Jerry Lewis

School Based Wellness Clinic & Programs Integration - $75,000

The Southwest Washington Accountable Community of Health (SWACH) selected the WSVEF as a recipient of funding for a Medicaid Transformation Project (MTP) focused on bringing mental health and substance use services directly to students and families in the district for the upcoming 2019-20 school year. The project will support a coordinator position that will aid the integration of a new school-based Health and Wellness Center in the district. The coordinator will develop and manage programs to educate school staff on care pathways and processes, and support other professional development opportunities related to mental health, substance use disorder risks and early intervention.

SWACH is excited to support the White Salmon Valley Education Foundation’s focus on student health in the White Salmon area. The root causes of health inequities in our region are complex and interconnected, and organizations like WSVEF are essential partners in our work to create lasting changes and a healthier future.
— Barbe West, Executive Director with SWACH.

College and Career Day - $6,600

In 2017 the WSVEF started College and Career Day at CHS with offerings from regional and national colleges and community members. Open to 9-12th grade students, the day brings students face to face with local leaders from varied backgrounds who share information about their career. Throughout the day students are exposed to a wide array of potential colleges and careers for their post-graduation life, as well as local internships and opportunities to plan and prepare for their future. Additionally, in 2018, we connected juniors and seniors to the regional college fair at the Cloumbia Gorge Community College in the Dalles. College and Career Days have been made possibleby these supporters over the past three years: Klickitat County, Northshore Medical Group, SDS Lumber Company, Umpqua Bank and US Bank.
I heard feedback from my two children, as well as many of their friends, about the benefits of the event. It generated enthusiasm, engagement and planning in our students. It helped them think about their future, learn about themselves and experience a broad spectrum of opportunities. They were also able to practice speaking to colleges and businesses about themselves which felt scary at first but they became more comfortable and inquisitive as they moved throughout the day. College and Career Day helped get them ready for the next level of engagement as they think about their future!
— High School Parent

Community Consortium Grant, Washington State Arts Commission - $2,000

For ten years, ArtsWA's Consortium Grant Program has strengthened and expanded our district's arts program by providing artist residencies, mentorships, professional development and curriculum/assessment tools.  Current funding has supported the establishment of a Media Arts Program, in which middle and high school students work with professional filmmakers on all aspects of video production. This year they are working with the US Forest Service to create a series of public service films about the recent Eagle Creek Fire.

Home Arts Grant - $2,000

The Joan Burchell grant from the Gorge Community Foundation funded opportunities for students in 4-12th grade to acquire skills in gardening, sewing, and cooking.  Once part of Home Economics classes, these topics are no longer part of state school curriculum.

Thanks to the grant, we were able to purchase timers and soaker hoses to efficiently and automatically water the school vegetable garden and purchase kitchen equipment essential for preparing fresh produce. Students who claimed they would not eat vegetables fell in love with parsnips, butternut squash, and even beets.
— Caitlyn Cray, Health Teacher

Additional Grants Received From Outside Sources

YearGrant TitleSchoolsAmount
201821st Century Learning (CLC) - 2018District Wide$358,821
2018ArtsWA GrantHenkle Middle School, Columbia High School$16,200
201721st Century Learning (CLC) - 2017District Wide$398,740
2017Gorge Community Foundation--Home ArtsDistrict Wide$2,000
2017Umpqua Bank - Career Day Fall 2017Columbia High School, White Salmon Academy$3,700
2017Umpqua Bank - Career Day Spring 2017Columbia High School$2,900
2017WSAC 2017District Wide$15,600
20162016 Autzen - Robotics KitsW&P Stevenson Intermediate, Henkle Middle School$3,040
201621st Century Learning (CLC) - 2016District Wide$317,702
2016BNSF GO LearnDistrict Wide$5,000
2016Boeing STEM Prof Dev 2016/17District Wide$9,000
2016CenturyLink - CHS Mobile Land LabColumbia High School$5,000
2016CenturyLink - HMS Science UnibooksHenkle Middle School$5,000
2016CenturyLink - WPSIS Chromebooks & CartW&P Stevenson Intermediate$5,000
2016Harvest Fdtn - Prof Dev for Integration of TechnologyDistrict Wide$10,000
2016OSPI - Computer Science GrantDistrict Wide$79,000
2016WSAC 2016District Wide$10,650
201521st Century Learning (CLC) - 2015District Wide$329,000
2015Boeing STEM Prof Dev 2015/16Henkle Middle School, Columbia High School$9,000
2015Charlotte Martin - Snowden Wetlands Spring 2016Henkle Middle School$2,000
2015WSAC 2015District Wide$10,850
201421st Century Learning (CLC) - 2014District Wide$327,407
2014Boeing STEM Prof Dev 2014/15Henkle Middle School, Columbia High School$10,000
2014BPA - HydroPower CurriculumHenkle Middle School, Columbia High School$3,300
2014CenturyLink - Whitson iPadsWhitson Elementary$5,000
2014Harvest Fdtn - Prof Dev FundsDistrict Wide$10,000
2014Joan Burchell- Snowden Wetlands Spring 2015Henkle Middle School$1,140
2014Outdoor School 6th Grade Spring 2015W&P Stevenson Intermediate$1,500
2014WSAC 2014District Wide$12,000
201321st Century Learning (CLC) - 2013District Wide$327,453
2013Boeing STEM Prof Dev 2013/14Henkle Middle School, Columbia High School$10,000
2013Digital Imaging UpgradeColumbia High School$11,000
2013Henkle KilnHenkle Middle School$2,500
2013Outdoor School 6th Grade - Spring 2014Henkle Middle School$1,500
2013STEM Google ChromebooksColumbia High School$4,650
2013WSAC 2013District Wide$12,750
201221st Century Learning (CLC) - 2012District Wide$280,202
2012Boeing STEM PD 2012/13Henkle Middle School, Columbia High School$10,000
2012CHS Science UpgradeColumbia High School$8,550
2012Maryhill Art ExplosionHenkle Middle School$500
2012Whitson/Henkle Boeing RoboticsWhitson Elementary, Henkle Middle School$3,900
2012WSAC 2012District Wide$9,500
201121st Century Learning (CLC) - 2011District Wide$67,000
2011Mariachi Band 1Columbia High School$1,600
2011Mariachi Band 2 Columbia High School$1,000
2011Maryhill Art Exploration Henkle Middle School$1,000
2011WSAC 2011District Wide$9,500
201021st Century Learning (CLC) - 2010District Wide$71,616
2010WSAC 2010District Wide$13,915
2009Snowman - Instruments HMSHenkle Middle School$2,500
2009WSAC 2009District Wide$18,000
2008CHS - Music / Maryhill District Wide$4,000
2008WSAC 2008District Wide$18,630
GRAND TOTAL$2,484,795