4th Grade Engineering Pilot - $6,380

Curricular Area: STEM
Grant Focus: Curriculum
Schools: W&P Stevenson Intermediate
Items Purchased:  Engineering is Elementary curriculum (3 units for 4 classrooms); professional development

This grant is aimed at promoting high-quality and rigorous instruction to integrate engineering concepts into math and science lessons through hands-on learning. Engineering is Elementary units are designed to complement and extend student engagement with our current science curriculum. Each EiE unit uses a field of engineering as a unifying theme and grounds student learning in authentic problem solving. The EiE units would allow the 4th grade team to adapt the current science units and link the learning students are doing in the kits to real-world problems. This will help students connect classroom learning to the world around them, and encourage all students to explore STEM related career pathways, especially important for girls and other underrepresented populations in STEM careers.