Virtual Expeditions @ CHS – $7,668

Curricular Area: Across Subjects
Grant Focus: Experiences; Technology
Schools: Columbia High School
Items Purchased: a class set of 30 virtual reality goggles, 30 phones, and 1 “Guide” (teacher) tablet

Google has launched an educational experience called Google Expeditions.  These expeditions are field trips that are teacher-lead through 360° virtual reality tours of over 1000 locations, colleges, and careers.  This grant funded the technology required to access these tours and provide life-like experiences with lessons in science, history, art, mathematics, career explorations, and more.  To make these experiences come alive for our students we will need to create an Expeditions kit which would include; .  Experiences include full 360° video and images, guiding question sets at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, tour guide notes, and total student engagement!  Introducing them to the world will open doors for them to explore and understand the possibilities beyond our walls and community.