CHS Robotics Takes Flight - $4,200

Curricular Area: STEM; Career & Technical Education
Grant Focus: Equipment; Curriculum
Schools: Columbia High School
Items Purchased:  10 Quadcopter kits; technology and flight lessons, curriculum development

This grant funds a nine-week unit on unmanned aerial vehicles (or "drones") to be implemented in the introductory robotics class at CHS. The project includes training teachers to build and fly the UAVs. Teachers will also receive compensation for developing a curriculum to go with the unit. Students will then complete the unit on UAVs that includes:  theory, safety, history, assembly, flying, programming, troubleshooting, and applications of various types of UAVs. Students will work in small groups, with one UAV for each team to build and fly. Their final project will be to develop a mission for their UAV (e.g. assist with a search and rescue team) and to present the results of their mission to the class. Students will gain first hand experience working with a rapidly growing technology that could lead to a meaningful, lucrative career.