All Terrain Electric Vehicle – $9,992

Curricular Area: STEM, Career & Technical Education
Grant Focus: Equipment and Blueprints
Schools: Columbia High School
Items Purchased: Plans and parts for building the ATEV

For the past six years CHS students have been designing and fabricating electric cars to compete in over 50 Electrathon America races. With this grant, students will pilot an innovative and highly motivational twist to this event by building the first of its kind all-terrain, full suspension electric vehicle: the Piranha III!

Metalworking students will follow over 200 pages of blueprints gaining highly sought after real world skills under supervision of their instructor and local craftsmen. At the same time Robotics students will design and test an upgraded electronics system guided by a local electronics expert. Once completed students will learn to drive their creation trained by a premier competition driving coach.

This is the biggest challenge CHS Metalworking and Robotics students have yet to take on. As far as they are aware, this has never been done by high school students!