Science Technology Integration – $7,500

Curricular Area: STEM
Grant Focus: Equipment
Schools: Henkle Middle School
Items Purchased: 28 Chromebooks

Chromebooks purchased with this grant will be integrated into the 7th grade science classroom to “bring scientific modeling, simulations, presentations and publications into our classroom on a regular basis, to give life and form to the abstract concepts we are studying”. STEM-related programs to be used range from MS Pro-Excel to Sketch-Up to data recording peripherals, as well as open source simulation software, such as PHET from University of Boulder in Colorado, which offers interactive, research-based simulations of physical phenomena. Examples of classroom use: “in a physics unit we can use the laptops to create a mathematical model in Excel of the physics behind our solar system. We can then use simulations to recreate systems here on Earth to deepen understanding of how they work. Finally, students can create reports to publish their findings as scientists in the field do. These are only some examples of the many ways that we will be able to use the laptop computers to deepen, expand and accelerate learning among all middle school science students.”