WSVEF Welcomes Astrophysicist Dr. Paul Sutter

 The White Salmon Valley Education Foundation

Welcomes Astrophysicist Dr. Paul Sutter

May 29th, 7PM

Columbia Center for the Arts

How is a galaxy billions of light-years away connected to us? Is our home nothing more than a tiny speck of blue in an ocean of night? Join the White Salmon Valley Education Foundation (WSVEF) May 29th, 7PM at Columbia Center for the Arts as we welcome Astrophysicist Dr. Paul M. Sutter to take us on an exciting tour of a universe far larger than we can imagine. Sutter's lecture, You are not Special: Understanding our Big, Messy Existence, will reveal how amazing it is that we are part of such a huge, complex, and mysterious place—and he'll explore how our experience here on Earth fits into that grand context.

Sutter is a new, fresh voice in science communication. An astrophysicist, author, speaker, producer, and on-air host of podcasts and TV, Sutter strives to bring science to new audiences. Sutter breaks down formidable concepts, emphasizes the human and artistic aspects of the scientific process, and makes science accessible with his characteristic conversational and humorous approach.

Sutter's Ask a Spaceman! podcast is now one of the top podcasts across all subjects globally. As a contributing editor to, Universe Today, and Forbes, his articles are syndicated to CBS News, Scientific American, MSN, and more. A go-to expert for journalists and producers, Paul regularly appears on radio, TV, and in print, including on the Science Channel, History Channel, and Weather Channel. His first book, Your Place in the Universe, was published by Prometheus Books in November 2018 and will be available for sale at the event. Thank you to Insitu and Sagetech for sponsoring this event!

All ticket sales benefit the WSVEF. Over the past 12 years, the WSVEF has contributed over $3.4 million dollars to White Salmon’s schools as a direct result of community-raised funds. Over $581,000 has been awarded to the schools directly from WSVEF's grant cycles, and WSVEF has written over $2.8 million in grants that have been awarded to our schools from outside sources. The WSVEF is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation dedicated to enhancing the quality of public education within our community by creating a stable source of supplemental funding for curriculum enhancement and investment in our teachers. Learn more at or email

Tickets available at online and at Center for the Arts. Doors open at 6:30.

Anne Stringer