marching band

Columbia High School Marching Band
Funded by a grant from the WSVEF 2012

Welcome to the White Salmon Valley Education Foundation website! We live in a community that has a long history of supporting and valuing public education.  We are very thankful to be a source of funding for enhancement and innovation in White Salmon Schools.  Every year we are able to offer at least $40,000 to all of the schools via two grant cycles.  With many volunteer opportunities available within our organization, we will continue to grow and sustain this beneficial funding source. With government budgets not fully covering the costs of education, it becomes even more important that our community steps up to help make our schools the schools we want them to be. And we are!

The Foundation was founded in April 2006 out of the belief that we could call on the community to help our schools enhance the quality of instruction by targeting funds to pay for high-quality educational materials, experiences and professional development.

Our granting process is guided by an evaluation matrix that  encourages programs that emphasize project-based learning, and the use of technology as an instructional tool. It also encourages projects that engage students at all academic levels and learning styles  in meaningful problem solving and team work, and encourages the integration of community volunteers/mentors who can bring real life connections to  learning experiences.

We are succeeding and with your help, we will continue to make a difference!


3rd Graders at Whitson solving math problems together on the new iPads. Funded by a WSVEF grant Spring 2012.