Growing Green - $10,000

Curricular Area: STEM
Grant Focus: Equipment
Schools: W & P Intermediate School, Henkle Middle School
Items Purchased:  Greenhouse and related growing accessories

The greenhouse and gardens will provide a wealth of opportunities for kids to get their hands dirty while learning lessons in many different areas of curriculum. The goals and objectives are for students to study plant anatomy and botanical life science—to learn about plant cycles, photosynthesis, ecosystems and environmental sustainability—and those are just the beginning. Young scientists can change variables in the garden (such as watering frequency or plant spacing), then collect data on plant growth, chart the research and write up their analyses and conclusions. For math lessons, students can calculate perimeters, measurements and area as they design the layout of planting beds. Even the youngest students can learn basic measurements when they use a ruler to find the proper spacing when planting their seeds or plants. Additional goals and objectives include incorporating the right to equal nutrition for all and to teach students about healthy choices.