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Check out our grants and awards reports – over $2.2M brought into our schools over the past decade. Thank you for your part in it and for continuing to support us for the future!

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Click this image to see our grant writing results from 2008- 2016.

Fall 2015

Sphero Programmable Robots – $1,562   Whitson ES
The goal is to introduce Whitson students to the basics of programming by providing them with access to programmable robots. With 14 robots purchased classes can work in teams of two students per robot.

Bruin Education Support Center Tech – $3,532    Columbia HS
Funds will infuse the Bruin Education Support Center with 12 new Chromebooks and a charging station to support a growing number of students requiring additional academic support outside of the classroom – general education as well as special education.

Physics of Flight Grant – $4,295   WPS Intermediate/Henkle MS
An enrichment unit to engage students in the engineering design process while studying the principals of flight. Materials for first phase balsa wood free flight airplanes as well as fifteen drone quadcopter kits will serve students in the Highly Capable Program (HCP) at WPSIS as well as 7th & 8th grade students in the Henkle after school program.

Whitson eReaders – $4,182.00    Whitson ES
This grant will purchase Kindle Fires to bring reading to life and connect our library to online library resources for students. Ad locks and internet browsing will be limited.  eBooks will also have a fund to purchase some hand-picked books just right for readers in each grade.  This pilot will help our district understand how this may benefit students and libraries alike. Kindle Fires provide read along, read aloud, dictionary definitions and books in spanish.

4th Grade – Short Throw Projectors – $6,462.90  WPS Intermediate
All four 4th grade classrooms have purchased new interactive whiteboard projectors and will have access to professional development to help them bring them to life in the classroom. All four teachers will learn about this technology and be able to share best practices as their skills develop. To start, students will enjoy the interactive nature of these projectors as they engage in the new online math curriculum now available to them.

Spring 2015
Science Tablet Laptops – $8,000 Henkle MS
Funds purchased 32 UniBooks for 7th and 8th grade science classrooms. The goal is to bring scientific modeling, simulation, presentations and publications in science and social studies classrooms on a regular basis, to give life and form to the abstract concepts that students are studying. What students are really learning through these technologies is how to take a scientific concept, apply it to real-life situations, and come up with creative designs and/or solutions to real-life problems.

Next Gen Robotics — $6,000 Columbia HS
Funded robot kits, smart phones, laptops and training needed for an advanced robotics class. Fund professional development for teachers, helping them become proficient with the new technologies. Updating robotics curriculum for a pilot program that started 8 years ago. Students are using smart phones connected to micro-controllers, which in turn can control motors, sensors, and other robotics components. They are learning computer languages such as Java, and how to program smart phones. They are putting all of these skills to use and gaining engineering skills to tie all these technologies together in a single robotics project.

iPads/eSpark – $20,000 Whitson ES
Theses funds have been used to expand the successful eSpark individualized learning program that the 2nd grade has been piloting for the past two years to include every 1st, 2nd and 3rd grader at Whitson. Forty iPads with cases were purchased so that there is greater access to this technology throughout the school. The rest of funds supported the costs of the eSpark program for this school year including language arts and math for these grades.

CNC Plasma Cutter – $9,000 Columbia HS
A state-of-the-art CNC machine was purchased to increase student’s practical knowledge of high-tech metalworking and in so doing, provide them entry level marketable skills many industries are seeking. Engaging students in new and advanced technology can lead to greater retention of students in school and increase the likelihood of their attending college, trade or technical school following graduation. These funds were a directed donation from SDS Lumber through the WSVEF.

This a basic list of all of the grants we have funded to the schools prior to 2011. For more detailed information on any one of these grant programs, please contact us and we would be happy to send you additional details.


Fall 2011
1.  Math Behind the Math, Whitson Elementary School, $5,275
2.  Technology for Special Needs Instruction, Columbia High School, $2,750
3.  Technology for Art Instruction, Henkle Middle School, $1,950
4.  Music and Band, Henkle Middle School, $1,000
5.  Highly Capable Program Enrichment, Henkle Middle School, $3,230
6.  Electric Car, Columbia High School, $5,795

Summer 2011
1.  K-2 Music Curriculum, Whitson Elementary School, $6,343
2.  Literacy Professional Development, Henkle Middle School, $5,250
3.  Math Lab, Whitson Elementary School, $7,191
4.  Technology for Art Instruction, Henkle Middle School, $1,148
5.  Using Data to Improve Teaching & Learning, District wide, $7,840

Fall 2010
1. Aida, Henkle Middle School, $4,600
2. Highly Capable Program Enrichment Activities, Henkle Middle School, $2,150
3. Electric Race Car Class, Columbia High School, $7,450
4. Community Building with an All-School Second Steps Training, Whitson Elementary,  $8,000
5. Increase Counseling Capacity, Columbia High School, $1,600
6. Enhancing Enrichment with Digital Portfolios, Whitson Elementary School, $1,820

Electric Car Program at Columbia High School

Summer 2010
1. Arts Ed, Whitson Elementary School, $5,850
2. Integrating Technology, Whitson Elementary School,  $2,015
3. Mariachi Program, Columbia High School, $5,944
4. Wordstock for Teachers, Henkle Middle School, $2,695
5. Boys Leadership Group, Henkle Middle School,  $1,569
6.  PLC Leadership Training, District Wide, $3,301

Fall 2009
1.  2nd Grade Technology & Collaboration, Whitson Elementary School, $5,316
2.  Henkle Music Program, Henkle Middle School, $6,330
3.  Art Appreciation, Whitson Elementary School, $1,071
4.  Battle of the Books, Henkle Middle School, $1,465
5.  The King & I, Henkle Middle School & Columbia High School, $5,200
6.  Gorgeous Sounds, Whitson Elementary School & Henkle Middle School, $2,600

Summer 2009
1. Electric Car Program, Columbia High School, $15,972
2. Tech Tools for Learning, Henkle Middle School, $5,196
3. Snowden Wetlands, Henkle Middle School, $3,612
4.  Math Professional Development, District Wide, $15,000
5.  Online Education Scholarships, District Wide, $15,000

Spring 2008
1. 4th Graders Connect with Salmon Life Cycle, Whitson Elementary School, $14,820
2. Outdoor Sensory Courtyard- Classroom/ Lab, “Curriculum Connection Planning Phase,” Whitson Elementary School, $2,090
3. Digital Learning Research for Small Schools, Columbia High School, $3,280

Fall 2008
1. Connecting the Classroom to the Future, Columbia High School, $1,662
2. For the Record- Musical Instruments and Digital Recording, Henkle Middle School, $6,087
3. Highly Capable Projects, Henkle Middle School, $2,395

Spring 2007
1. Project Open Door, Henkle Middle School, $8,640
2. Physical Sciences Classes, Columbia High School, $6,300
3. The “Votermorphosis” Project, Columbia High School, $3,850
4. UN Teen Relief Project, Henkle Middle School, $3,115
5. Leveling the Earth, ESL Classes, $2,800

Fall 2007
1. Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators, Document Camera and Projector, Columbia High School, $5,047
2. Mulan Dramatic Production, Henkle Middle School, $2,596
3. 2nd Graders Mush the Iditarod Trail and Conduct Projects Using Experimental Learning Principles, Whitson Elementary School, $4,188

Spring 2006
1. Introductory Robotics, Columbia High School, $6,579
2. Music Startup, Columbia High School, $5,126
3. Dessert Theatre, Henkle Middle School, $2,000
4. Instruments for Everyone, Henkle Middle School $5,287
5. Golden Ratio, Henkle Middle School$4,058
6. Middle School TAG, Henkle Middle School, $2,100