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How old is the White Salmon Valley Education Foundation?
We are almost 11 years old! The Foundation was founded as a 501(c) 3 Non-Profit in April 2006.

How much money has the Foundation provided to our schools?
As of Dec 31, 2016, the Foundation has brought in over $2.3 million to our schools. These funds have come from our community fundraising as well as grant writing to outside organizations.

Is there an endowment?
Yes. At least 25% of every donation goes into the professionally managed endowment fund. Some individuals have made significant individual donations to the endowment.  We have invested $523,000 into this fund and as of Feb 2017 it is valued over $900,000.   This endowment is invested to grow over time. When it reaches $1 million the Foundation has the option to use a portion of the gains to fund its granting and operating functions. The endowment is a critical piece to the sustainability of the organization in order to support our schools long into the future. We want White Salmon Schools to be well-endowed schools.

Where does the money come from?
The Foundation accepts donations from local individuals, businesses and organizations. We hold our major fundraiser, the Gorge Grape Escape, once a year and the next one will be held in October  2017.

In 2010 the Foundation began identifying new funding sources through public and private grants.  Allocation of a small portion of the Foundation’s budget to retain a professional grant writer has already brought in over $1.8M to our District!

How much money has gone into the schools?
Over $2.3M has been provided to the schools in this time.  These funds include community grants from our fundraising efforts as well as writing grants to outside organizations.

How do teachers access the money?

The Foundation has two grant cycles per school year where administrators, teachers and community members (with the approval of administrators) may apply for funding.  See Grants.

Who reviews the applications and grants funding?
An Awards Committee is created for each grant cycle. The Committee is comprised of two community members, two teachers, and one WSVEF Board member. This Committee scores the application with an objective scoring rubric and provides a recommendation to the WSVEF Board. The WSVEF Board grants funding.

Can I be a part of this committee?
Yes. Please contact us if you are interested.

Do you need volunteers?
Yes, always. Please look at our list of opportunities to see if you are interested.

Any further questions? Please feel free to contact us.