Board of Directors

The White Salmon Valley Education Foundation has a dynamic volunteer board who believe passionately that all children in White Salmon deserve a quality well-rounded education. Below is a list of the current 2017 Board Officers and Members.

Officers & Board Members


Jason Spadaro
Past – President

Matt Hanson Treasurer

Matt Hanson President


Dawn Hulbert Secretary

Dawn Hulbert

Anne Stringer

Anne Stringer      Treasurer







Kirsten Dennis

Kirsten Dennis      Secretary

Erin Black Photo

Erin Black

Anne-Marie Slater Executive Director

Anne-Marie Slater Executive Director

Jill Vacek

Lesley Haskell Haskell, Davies & Dunn PC Legal Counsel

Lesley Haskell
Jaques Sharp Law
Legal Counsel

TKK_7058(Business Card)

Jeremy Denny

Advisor to the Board 
Jerry Lewis
School District Superintendent