Art from Columbia High School Students

 To enrich the education of PK – 12 students in the White Salmon Valley public schools.  

 We envision schools where staff and community work together to provide engaging and innovative educational opportunities that prepare students for a bright future as productive 21st century citizens. 


1.  Provide funding for essential tools, training and resources for student learning success

2.  Build positive community awareness – schools and WSVEF
3.  Establish a sustainable source of funding
4.  Enhance effectiveness of the Foundation through internal development

The Foundation will work in partnership with the School District to achieve the following :

  • Enrich school curriculum
  • Support staff development
  • Strengthen education, business and community partnerships

Funding Areas
The Foundation will fund curriculum enhancement in the form of grants. Administrators, teachers, staff, students sponsored by certified staff, parents and other community members, with the demonstrated support of the administrators may apply for funding. The following areas are considered funding priorities:

Enriching the depth and quality of core/elective courses and their associated materials at the high school, middle and elementary school levels.

Providing district leaders with funds to research, attend conferences, and otherwise search out the information to bring in the best professional development for our unique needs.

Creating partnerships with employers and the local community that result in opportunities for all students to connect with real-world experiences beyond the classroom that prepare them for future education.


Among the policies that will guide operation of the Foundation are the following:

 The Foundation will evaluate and fund grants that are identified as advancing the Foundation’s Vision, Mission and Objectives as defined in the application. Please see the grant application for specific funding priorities.

 The Foundation will annually review funded grants as a means of evaluating and improving the effectiveness of the Foundation in achieving its Objectives.

 The Foundation will attempt to provide support to the needs of students of all ability levels in its grant funding decisions.

 The Foundation dedicates a minimum of 25% of all donations in a long term endowment to extend the work of the Foundation for future generations