New CNC Plasma Cutter Machine at Columbia HS

More great things are happening in White Salmon Schools!

Columbia High School’s Metal Sciences program received yet another boost of funding to purchase state-of-the-art equipment for our students. Through two gifts, $5,500 from the White Salmon Valley Education Foundation (WSVEF) and another grant for $9,000 from SDS Lumber, teacher Chris Hipskind was able to purchase a CNC plasma cutter.  This was a long time dream of the teacher who has continually sought out new and modern resources to update his program.

Local industry need employees who have marketable skills and hands-on experience with current technology. Some of Mr. Hipskind’s senior students joke with him, “Why did you wait to get this now when we are close to graduating?”  It’s new, complex and engaging.  The first to use this new machine are those students who have long been involved in the metal sciences, electric car or robotics programs. There is a lot to learn.  Slowly and steadily the curriculum will expand and projects will abound.  In the meantime, I understand that a “Thank You” sign is in the works 🙂

Thank you SDS Lumber and our community for supporting the Foundation.  It’s because of  you that our students are experiencing the use of  cutting-edge technology. No pun intended.


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