New CNC Pro-Router in Columbia High School

John Hadley, Columbia Woodshop / Material Science Instructor, is taking advantage of a gift from donors to bring a CNC Router machine to his program.

For the last several years John has been perfecting teaching Sketchup to his Woodshop students. These drawings of student projects can output CAM files. Last year he used his budget dollars to buy a computer that will drive the interface software. Now he and his advanced students are ready to program the robot router and make parts. They will be able to take full advantage of the 5 period day with its longer classes.

“The idea is that motivated advanced students can go from concept (3D computer drawings) to fabrication using industry appropriate tools. As advanced students make parts everyone becomes familiar with the process. This will lead the way for more students to incorporate this process into their projects,” said Mr. Hadley.

“The clear intention is to support students’ aspirations of entering associated career pathways from engineering, material science, to machine technician.” Eventually he hopes to bring in a 3D printer and a laser CAM.

Steve Sliwa started it all with a vision in Spring 2011 of a CNC machine in our high school. He backed up his idea with the offer of a $3,000 community matching donation through the WSVEF. SDS Lumber chimed in for $2,000 and then at the Grape Escape in October 2011, thirteen other individual donors gifted another $1,000 for the equipment, to complete the match. ICE has also donated a selection of router bits and expertise to build and instruct Mr. Hadley in its operation. Thank you to those  who believed in this endeavor.

The vision is coming to fruition. It’s another exciting example of community members, local business, the WSVEF and the school district working together to bring applied science opportunities to our kids.

Students with marketable skills graduate from White Salmon Schools!


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