BPA – Funds Climate Change/Hydropower Curriculum Development

The Foundation received a phone call today telling us that our recent grant application had been approved.  We were awarded $3,300 from the Bonneville Power Authority to create and implement “an engaging, rigorous curriculum designed to help students master science education standards by exploring the relationship between climate change and hydropower in the Pacific Northwest.  This scientifically accurate curriculum will be designed for high school students (grades 9-12) and will include lesson plans for 10 in-class science lessons, 3 field trips, and detailed instructions to guide high school students into teaching core concepts of the curriculum to younger students in 4th and 7th grade. This curriculum will give all students, including second language learners and those with special educational needs, the opportunity to enjoy and excel at scientific investigation.”

Caitlyn Cray will design the curriculum and assist CHS high school teachers in its implementation.

Thank you BPA for bringing relevant local STEM education to our students. Another project that would not have happened without the grant writing support of the WSVEF.


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