A Letter to Honor Our School District Staff 2014

Letter to the Editor of The Enterprise

It is Teacher Appreciation Week and on behalf of the White Salmon Valley Education Foundation (WSVEF), we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the educators in our school district.

We are fortunate to Teacher Appreciation Week 2014live, work and raise our families in one of the most beautiful places in the country and are truly blessed to know that living in a low population, rural area does not mean our children will not receive a high quality education. Our small community has award winning schools, highly educated, competent and professional teachers, and our students consistently perform above the state average academically. Our high school graduation rate is one of the highest in our state and students who graduate from White Salmon schools are well prepared to find success in college and beyond. The small size of our school district does not limit our educators from offering diverse and challenging programs. Thanks to the creativity, resourcefulness and dedication of our administrators, teachers and staff, students in our schools can participate in year round sports, take online and advanced placement classes, travel abroad, learn career and technical skills, join in school sponsored after school activities, plant and grow a garden, play in a band, create art, learn a foreign language, and so much more.

 Although diverse programs, challenging coursework, and extra-curricular activities are important, what truly makes a difference in the success of our children in school is the relationships they develop with their teachers. Our educators respect, value and care about the students they teach; they have a positive impact on those children that is immense. Despite the many recent changes and struggles in education–the demands of testing, the unfunded mandates, the economic woes that send many of our students to school hungry–our teachers are forging ahead, working above and beyond the call of duty to provide the best education they can.

How many of us have spent time volunteering in our child’s classroom and left thinking, ‘I don’t know how they do it?’ They do it because they care. They truly believe that the work they do makes a difference. They believe in the ability of all children to grow and reach their full potential and they dedicate their time, energy, heart and soul to making it happen. We owe them a great deal of gratitude for willingly taking on this challenge.

So for this week and all year long, we say THANK YOU, for everything you do for our children and our community. The White Salmon Valley Education Foundation will continue to support the great work you are doing in our schools for many years to come.

 Jason Spadaro, President
White Salmon Valley Education Foundation (WSVEF)
On behalf of the WSVEF Board of Directors

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