A Call for Volunteers

For Immediate Release

WSVEF Puts out Call for Volunteers

  After seven plus years of hard work, the White Salmon Valley Education Foundation (WSVEF) is proud to say it’s raised $1.63M for our local schools in grants, pass-through funding, and endowment funding.  But right now, money is not enough.  Time from volunteers is sorely needed to continue the good works underway, and to help pave the way for the organization’s future works.

  Dozens of volunteers have given thousands of hours to assist on various committees, make participation in community events like the Grape Escape and SpringFest parade possible, to review grants, and to provide special skills for some of the grants themselves.  Many of those volunteers are now moving on, and the Foundation needs help.

  Do you have a few hours you can give to help local schools?  Do you know somebody who does?  Whether you have one hour, one day a month, one week a year, or something in between, the WSVEF NEEDS YOUR HELP! 

  For a list of current volunteer opportunities, go to our website, or contact WSVEF Executive Director Anne Marie Slater at info@wsvef.org.

Your small time contribution can make a big difference for kids.  Volunteer today.

The WSVEF is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation dedicated to enhancing the quality of public education within our community by creating a stable source of supplemental funding for curriculum enhancement and investment in our teachers.  The WSVEF has granted or secured grants for more than 102 projects/programs totaling over $1.15M since 2006; in a school district of approximately 1200 students, community support makes an unbelievable difference. 



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